Is Buttermilk Keto Real of Fake! Complete Review

Is Buttermilk Keto still in question whether it is allowed on KETO or not? So, today, I will tell you all about it. Plus, I will share my secrets of my KETO Diet, here. Stay with me as you are to know more…

Buttermilk Keto – Acceptable on KETO or Not?

Buttermilk is a drink that is liked, drunk, and loved across the world. In America, 73% of people want to enjoy the taste of this delicious “Drink”, Buttermilk. Then, dieters on KETO also want to drink this delicious “Drink”. They are curious that is it allowed on Ketogenic (Keto) Diet or not? Can it help with weight loss or not? Can it create hurdles in their diet meal plan(s) or not?

Buttermilk on KETO – A Complete Info!

Buttermilk is a type of “Drink” that has the delicious taste. It is fermented that contains high-fat content. It contains high-carb contents too. That’s why many researchers think that Buttermilk can mess up people’s diet meal plan.

On Keto, we have to take 70% fat, 20% of proteins, 5% calories, and 5% carbs (ONLY). Additional sugar and carbohydrates (carbs) can mess up our Keto diet meal plan. Till this heading, it seems that we cannot take Buttermilk on KETO as it contains high-carb contents. It’s somewhat true. So, if it is true then I can tell you the best substitutes of Buttermilk on KETO.

Nutrition Facts of Buttermilk!

Read this so that you could understand the facts.

Buttermilk contains 12 grams of sugar. This ratio is very high regarding KETO Diet. In simple words, if your body is on Ketosis (Fat-burning) state then 12 grams of sugar can mess up your diet. This ratio can kick you out of Ketosis Metabolic State.

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Plus, you cannot take more than 5% of carbs on the Keto Diet. But a recent report showed us that Buttermilk contains more than 5% of net carbs. This can mess up a Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan.

Is Buttermilk Keto-friendly?


Buttermilk is never keto-friendly. A keto-friendly eatable is always very low in carbohydrates (carbs). But if we see the Buttermilk then we come to know that it is rich in the carb. This cannot help with weight loss. Instead, this can help with weight gain. Dieters cannot utilize the Buttermilk when their bodies are in Ketosis.

Health Benefits of Buttermilk

There are lots of benefits to taking Buttermilk. On KETO, the Buttermilk “Drink” still has lots of benefits such as dieters can find calcium from it. Due to its high-carb contents, Buttermilk cannot be taken on a Keto Diet.

  1. Digestive Properties:

Buttermilk on KETO Diet can help dieters to get essential digestive enzymes. These enzymes help them to reduce extra body weight easily. Plus, this Buttermilk is easy to digest than other dairy products.

  1. Supports Strong Bones:

Buttermilk is rich in calcium. That’s why gym guys take Buttermilk so that their bodies could get increased energy. Taking Buttermilk can help people to find strong bones (Bone Health).

  1. Lowers Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Levels:

Dr. Charlotte remarks that Buttermilk can help people to lower their high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. But this research is in the process yet.

  1. Appetite System:

Reports show that people who have appetite system disorders should take Buttermilk, Cream, and Eggs. These can help victims to find many benefits regarding the appetite system.

  1. Antibiotics:

Buttermilk can provide us many antibiotics that can help us to defeat ailments or diseases.

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5 Reasons Why Buttermilk Is Bad on KETO!

  1. Made with Cows’ Milk:

It is a “pure” dairy product. Some dairy products cannot be taken on the KETO diet as those mess up the diet. Buttermilk is one of those.

  1. High in Fat:

You need 70% fats while your body is in Ketosis so that, that 70 % of fats could be burned to boost the body’s energy. But taking extra Buttermilk can increase the amounts of fat cells inside the body. This can create a problem with cholesterol.

  1. High in Sugar Content:

At Ketosis, we have to cut back on sugar completely. But I knew that Buttermilk contains 12 grams of sugar that cannot be bearable on Ketosis.

  1. High in Carbohydrates (Carbs):

We need only 5% carbs on KETO because that 5 % of carbs are burned to boost the brain’s energy. But Buttermilk contains an additional amount of carb.

  1. No Fibers:

On KETO, we take foods and meals that have more fibers so that we could feel fuller the whole day. Buttermilk contains 0 fibers. It cannot help us to feel fuller the whole day.

Buttermilk Substitutes on KETO!

There are some substitutes of Buttermilk that you can take instead of Buttermilk on KETO.

Why substitutes of Buttermilk?

The fact is on a Ketogenic (KET) Diet, we need many fats, proteins, carbs, and calories too. When we don’t take Buttermilk and Cream, and Fibers then we cannot get the results from our Keto-based Diet Meal Plan. Taking not any fibers, proteins, and fats we can also face health’s related ailments.

To the hilt, if you are on a Keto Diet and want to get the benefits of Buttermilk then you can see its substitutes. That will not mess up your KETO Diet, in any case.

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What Can be Used Instead of Buttermilk?

  1. Milk and Vinegar:

This can help you to get more calories so that those calories could be converted into energy (body’s fuel).

  1. Milk and Lemon Juice:

This helps Dieters to find nutrients on KETO Diet Meal Plan. This helps dieters to increase the body’s energy levels and confidence too.

  1. Sour Cream and Milk:

This combination can help you to lose belly fat easily. The fact is this helps you to reduce fats, additional fat cells, and additional lipid cells from the body.

  1. Yogurt and Milk:

The best substitute for Buttermilk is to mix the Yogurt and Milk. This betters your general health so that your body could burn more calories to lose weight.

So, on KETO, these 4 substitutes can be followed so that your Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan couldn’t be messed up.

My Final Comments on Buttermilk

I “sketched” the graph of the Buttermilk in two ways. First, I told you that what is buttermilk and, how much it is helpful for our health? Secondly, I told you that it is bad on KETO Diet Meal Plan. You should never take Buttermilk on KETO Diet Meal Plan because it can mess up your diet plan. You can see substitutes of Buttermilk. These can help you to find the health’s related benefits.

Overall, Buttermilk helps us to find many health’s related benefits such as it betters our wellness and wellbeing. But Buttermilk is bad on KETO because it is Not Keto-friendly.

Sandra Purvis

A registered dietitian with a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Northwestern University and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, Jaclyn “Jackie” London handles all of Good Housekeeping’s nutrition-related content, testing, and evaluation. Prior to joining Good Housekeeping, she was a clinical dietitian at Mount Sinai Hospital

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