Foamy Urine Keto or Foamy Urine on KETO & Reasons of Foamy Urine Keto

Foamy Urine on KETO Diet – it is “tension” for dieters. They are thinking too much about this issue. Don’t worry Ketoers! I am going to reduce your tension. After reading this article, you will be able to know does KETO cause foamy urine or not?

Foamy Urine Keto or Foamy Urine on KETO

If you want to ask about my experience about a Ketogenic Diet then I say that I’ve never found any problem. I’ve been “living” in the Keto-world for many months but I didn’t feel any problem or disease or ailment. Many keto-based (Ketoers) dieters say that they found Keto-flu problem on Ketosis but I didn’t find this issue.

Does KETO Diet Affect Urine?

Let me make you clear on this thing. What do doctors say about this?

There are many types of ketogenic diets. Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD) is the most popular Keto diet that is followed by millions of people. It helps people to convert Fat into Energy (Body’s fuel) so that dieters could lose extra weight easily. This diet meal plan helps millions of dieters to reduce extra body weight easily, smoothly, and naturally.

According to Dr Vikas Jain, KETO Diet doesn’t cause foamy urine. He said that it is ridiculous that the KETO Diet causes foamy urine. Ketogenic Diet is an all-natural diet meal plan that helps people to decrease extra bodyweight, toxins, and fat – safely and naturally.

Dr Berg said that a high-protein KETO Diet may cause dieters foamy urine problem. That’s why dieters should consult with doctors or physicians for this issue. Overall, KETO Diet (a standard keto diet) is effective and safe for weight loss.

fomy urine keto


Types of Ketogenic (KETO) Diet – Which Causes Foamy Urine!

A Ketogenic diet is followed by people to convert their body’s Fat into Ketones to reduce bodyweight. It is also called a fat-burning state.

Main Types of Ketogenic Diets:

  1. Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD):
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It is the most followed Ketogenic Diet. It contains high-fat (70%), adequate in protein (20%), low calories (5%), and low carbohydrates (5%). It helps you to get the body into Ketosis Metabolic State (fat-burning).

  1. Very Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet:

It is same as SKD. This one dietary meal plan just excludes sugary foods or meals.

  1. MCT Ketogenic Diet:

This dietary meal plan doesn’t exclude carbs rather allows dieters to use 10% carbs in meals. It is the safest KETO Diet that helps people to find Increased Energy (for body + brain).

  1. Calorie-Restricted Ketogenic Diet:

You have to exclude 5% calories in dietary meals. You get energy (fuel) from fat, protein, and carbs. This is a ketogenic diet meal plan that is suggested for people to reduce random appetites.

  1. High-Protein Ketogenic Diet:

A high-protein KETO Diet contains 35% proteins, 55% fat, 5% carbs, and 5% calories. It is said to be an effective weight loss diet meal plan. But, researchers say that it cannot be followed or sustained for a long time as it can cause some health risks. We are going to talk about this diet meal plan as our concern is about “proteins in urine”.

Foamy Urine on High-Protein KETO Diet – What is the Reality!

Foamy urine is an ailment where your body is releasing more proteins in urine. In simple words, foamy urine ailment contains more proteins in urine. It is called Proteinuria ailment.

Dr Bradley says that if dieters find foamy urine sometimes then they don’t need to worry. A high-protein KETO diet “compels” the body of the dieter to release proteins via urine. If this issue teases them for a long time then they need to consult with urologists.

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“High-protein KETO Diet needs “investigations”.

There are 80% chances that you are following a high-protein Ketogenic Diet and your body is releasing proteins via urine. So, you have to give up the high-protein Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan. See for another “the best” Ketogenic Diet meal Plan and remember that Standard Ketogenic Diet suits everyone.

Other Possible Reasons for Foamy Urine on KETO

When Ketoers start to say that their KETO Diet causes them foamy urine then researchers start to investigate this issue. They have found that there are many other reasons for foamy urine.

  1. High Blood Pressure:

People who have high blood pressure ailment and follow KETO Diet can find the issue of foamy urine. They may find that their pee is yellow as well as foamy.

  1. Hypertension:

Ketoers! If also have hypertension then they can find that their body doesn’t have energy. Plus, their bad health can be seen when their pee will look foamy.

  1. Diabetes:

Patients of Type I diabetes, Type II diabetes and diabetes may not follow a high-carb Keto Diet. If they do this then they can find foamy pee.

  1. Toilet Cleaners:

Researchers have also found that some toilet cleaners are the reasons for foamy urine. Those cleaners contain chemicals and because of those chemicals, your pee looks foamy in the toilet.

  1. Prostate Problem:

If you have a prostate problem then you can find foam in urine. You must consult with a urologist. KETO Diet doesn’t cause foamy urine.

Should I Be Worried About Foamy Urine on KETO?

Weight loss is a method where you want to reduce extra body weight. Remember that more than average bodyweight is actually an ailment. So, you must decrease your extra bodyweight.

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At this time, the Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan is the most effective method. It helps people to get their bodies into Ketosis Metabolic State. Ketosis aids the body to convert Fat into Ketones which means that your body starts to release fat stores. This decreases weight; makes slim, and increases energy.

“KETO Diet never causes foamy urine”.

You shouldn’t be worried if you just feel foam in urine at Ketosis sometimes. If you find this ailment even out of ketosis then you can consult with a doctor.

How to Get Rid of Foamy Urine on KETO Diet?

  1. Follow “the best” Ketogenic (KETO) Diet that is normal; contains balanced “proportions” in meals. A Standard Ketogenic Diet helps you to decrease extra body weight safely. Don’t look for other Diet Plans if yours is helping.
  2. Take vegetables as those give you potassium. Potassium helps you not to find any ailment.
  3. Never exclude carbohydrates in meals because carbs help your body to sustain “water”. So, your body doesn’t release proteins in urine.
  4. Reduce your tensions, depression, and anxiety. Doing this helps you to get rid of health’s related risks.
  5. Give up bad deeds such as alcohol and smoking if you do. Diet means you want to find or gain better health.

Following these steps will help you to get rid of the foamy urine problem naturally.


Ketogenic (KETO) Diet doesn’t cause foamy urine (Proteinuria). There are other possible reasons for this problem that can be discussed with others such as friends and urologists. Follow the best, effective, and all-natural KETO Diet meal Plan to get rid of obesity, overweight problem, and/or fatness. This helps you to find better health with increased body’s energy.

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